Years made 1956-1973 various models like this similar body style but variations in motor size and trims etc.

Motor size ranges from 124cc to 170cc

Speeds range from 27.9 mph to 34mph depending on the model and motor

Load capacity range from 551lbs to 1100lbs

This very vintage “bubble cab” ape is the one everybody wants. Ok great, they are very hard to find even in Italy. You will find them old and rusted out or fully restored and either way they are pricey. It is like trying to find a 1957 chevy in Usa. This is a classic. Prepare to have deep pockets if you want one.  We can get them but it is a specialty item.




Years made 1970-1981

Motor size 170cc

Can load 880lbs

Top speed claimed 34 mph

Note this is the first year Piaggio removed the metal fender that follows the front tire and have now bolted a plastic fender to the body. If you look closely you can also sense that they have started to change the actual shape of the cab body. Look at the roof top, and the windows!


Ape MP

APE MP Range 500,550,600


They Can carry 1322lbs

Top speeds 40mph

You can identify this model by the rounded plastic front fender, and the plastic horn cast with 1 headlight in the center, and note the front blinker shape and placement.


Ape P 501

Ok so this the most common range of APES in Italy it covers the P401, P501, and the P601. This is the work horse, I am grouping the 4,5, and 601 together because the body styles are mostly the same only real differences are the motor size, short bed or long bed, truck or van  etc. sometimes the lights are in different places etc., Note the square plastic fenders bolted in the front, and the more boxy style as opposed to  the rounded look of the 50s and 60s.

Years made 1978-1988

They can carry anywhere from 881lbs to 1322lbs depending on the model 401 being the lightest and 601 being the heaviest load ratings.

Top speeds are 37mph to 40mph

1969 to present

Ape 50

The cutest, tiny but mighty APE50

Built in different model styles from 1969 to present. These can be hopped up, some people even race them in Europe., They are almost always a 50cc 2 stroke motor unless its been aftermarket modified., They come in van and truck versions.

They can carry 400lbs

Top speed is 28mph

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